Voodoo Painted Pony Figurine

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Voodoo from the Trail of Painted Ponies by artist Kathleen Moody

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  • Competition between stallions for mares on the wild horse range of the Sand Wash Basin can be brutal.
  • The battle between Picasso, a gorgeous pinto featured in The Trail's Summer 2019 release, and Voodoo, a single stallion that had lost his band, for the attention of a young filly, led to continual fighting.
  • By early summer Voodoo had prevailed, but his victory was short-lived. On August 21, 2018 he was found with a broken leg and humanely euthanized.
  • True story.
  • In his memory, and in acknowledgement of the rivalry between these two spirited stallions, The Trail has created this companion piece to "Dance of the Mustang."
  • Resin cast statue.
  • Measures 8.6" H.
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