Tail Bags By Sleazy Sleepwear

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Protects the horses tail from dirt as well as smoothing the tail hairs.

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Tail Bags by Sleazy Sleepwear are our #1 selling tail bag. It protects the horses tail from dirt as well as smoothing the tail hairs. These tail bags are available in the fabrics and colors to match other Sleazy Sleepwear garments.

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Product Reviews

By lone reiner on 07/27/2012

I use the tail covers to protect the tail hair from my mare's urine, and from loosing hair from tail switching.

By giddyiddy on 07/27/2012

I LOVE these tail bags. I can't tell you how many I've purchased from Rods. I usually buy a tail bag with ore of a canvas material for my horses who go outside more because they hold up better, by overall I like the material of these much better! Even with my mare who I show quite a bit (she stays in a lot certain times of the year) she still manages to rip these eventually, but their cheap enough that I buy a few of them at a time. I've had ones that lasted a week and I've had ones that lasted 6 months, so it's kind of a gamble. The colors and designs they come in are so fun! I would recommend these, especially for show horses. If your horse is outside more than I would say get one with a stronger, canvas-like material. Overall I think these are great!

By Kathy GGW (Girls Gone Wild Show Team) on 07/27/2012

Well....what can I say Rods has top quality products [...]I would recommend this product highly, the colors are bright and fun. The size is great for horses with all types of tails.

By PennerChic on 07/27/2012

Tail bags have worked well. Easy to put in and take out and dont fall out. They look good too!

By rick on 07/27/2012

just baught 2 of these and noticed on both that the stitching was coming undone. when the stitching ends at the top of the bag they didnt even tie it off. the only thing i could do is dab a dot of super glue on the last stitches so they cant come undone. a little dissapointing, but an easy fix. theres a lot of cheap made in mexico or india products saturating the equine market these days. i hope this isnt one of them.

By USAFgirl75 on 07/27/2012

Love the tail bag, however seems to be shorter than most tail bags. Good quality, pretty pattern in Zebra, just way short.

By BARRELRACER on 07/27/2012

it doesnt hold and it falls off very easy

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