Shapley’s No. 1 Light Oil

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No. 1 Light Oil is a fine conditioning oil for the coat and skin.

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No. 1 Light Oil is a fine conditioning oil for the coat and skin. It adds a light shine to the coat as it smoothes and softens the hair. It adds a fine layer of oil to dry skin or coat to replenish and make skin and hair healthy again. It detangles manes and tails without leaving them sticky or gummy feeling and allows tough knots to slip out with ease.

No. 1 Light Oil is a favorite of breed shows for adding definition to and accentuating the horse’s face and head. Top groomers and hair coat perfectionists use No. 1 Oil in their daily grooming routines to stimulate and add vitality and pizzazz to the horse’s coat, skin, mane and tail.

No. 1 Light Oil is used to make shedding out winter coats easy and quick. It also helps in pulling manes if added to the base of the mane. Used for both these purposes, No. 1 Light Oil allows the hair follicle to slip out without irritating the skin. It is perfect for sensitive horses.

To use either apply with your hands and/or towel or put into a spray bottle and spray horse lightly from several inches away.

No. 1 Light Oil is available in a 32 oz bottle.

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Product Reviews

By Jennifer on 02/17/2018

There are other sites where you can buy this product, but Rod’s offers better pricing (free shipping on my order!) and they take great care in how this product is shipped. No chance of leaking!
Love love love this oil! Really helps bring back my horse’s coat after he’s show clipped. Smells great too.

By Moneysmom on 04/05/2017

Great product for conditioning. Can tend to attract dust the next day so use sparingly.

By KristinTN on 10/05/2015

I use this to shed out my horses and pull manes. Makes those tasks a little more enjoyable.

By snickers on 07/27/2012

Works great for winter months help keep the mane and tail from being so dry...

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