Rusty Dare Cribbing Collar By Schutz Brothers

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Rusty Dare Cribbing Collar by Schutz Brothers

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Unique patent pending throat design keeps collar in place and puts a stop to even the worst cribbers! Designed by Professional Horseman Rusty Dare. Does not need to be fastened as tight as other cribbing collars. Now comes with a fleece cover for the crown piece.

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Product Reviews

By LMP on 01/29/2013

This collar almost completely stops my hard core cribber. He has a huge pain tolerance and other collars don't work unless they are so tight they turn his hair white which isn't humane IMO. One him the Miracle Collar doesn't work at all and a nutcracker has to be so tight. Loving this collar!

By Jabbar on 07/27/2012

It fits great, it causes no sores, I cannot suck wind with it on, it has greatly reduced my cribbing time, my owner is happier with me.

By ranch gal on 07/27/2012

It worked great for two days. Then back to cribbing again. I tighted it up (as tight as it would go) and he still pushed through it. I really wanted it to work. Great concept and probably would work on a horse that is not such a pro at cribbing. Stayed in place.

By ponygirl on 07/27/2012

Bought it as I had hoped to cut down on the number of sore spots that can occur with the Miracle Collar, had it on one day, cranked it as tight as it can go and did not work. HUGE Waste of money

By horse lover on 07/27/2012

Did not work for my horse that has just started to crib.

By alistaircat on 07/27/2012

Worked great at first, then the leather bent and she was at it again. Miracle collar is better.

By horsewoman on 07/27/2012

We have used this collar for over a year and now it is time to order a new one because sores have started to develop. I am hoping with a new collar the sores will go away. The miracle collar did not work with my horse.

By KLB on 07/27/2012

My horse was miserable with headache's with the miracle collar. This one is great because it dosen't have to be on as tight.

By Sherri on 07/27/2012

I love this cribbing collar! I realize it does not work for every horse, but has worked really well for mine. I had the miracle collar and it worked, but I had to keep it so tight that it rubbed the hair off even with the fleece cover. I would recommend anyone that has a horse that cribs to at least give this collar a try.

By Isabella on 07/27/2012

This is a very well made collar and helpful in stopping my horses cribbing, but he can work around it. As others have stated, it does not need to be as tight as the miracle collar. However, it is more expensive.
What works for one horse does not work for another. In the end, I found a very inexpensive collar that works for him best.

By TCR on 07/27/2012

I wanted to try this new collar on two of our thoroughbred broodmares. No matter how we have adjusted the colar they still crib like it was not on them. I was very hopefull it would work because it seemed like it would with the thick leather at throat piece.

By Cheiz on 07/27/2012

Easy to put on. The Miracle Collar did not stop my horse from cribbing. Rusty Dare does not have to be put on as tight. My horse busted the screws that hold the throat piece to the straps. It was repaired using a bolt with capped nut, goes from side to side directly through throat piece.

By jbpainthorses on 07/27/2012

This is the best collar, hands down I have ever used. My gelding is a hard core cribber. Once He got the DARE collar, he quit cold turkey. And even if it is off for a short while to tie to the trailer, he will not crib. However if off for a day or so he will start back. This is the 3rd collar for me I like them so well.

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