Reinsman Jr Cowhorse Iron Snaffle Bit

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Reinsman Jr Cowhorse Iron Snaffle Bit

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5" Cheeks This cheek gets more popular every day. It helps to get your horse's legs underneath him and his rear end down. The Short Gag action collects a horse very well. The smooth sweet iron snaffle mouthpiece is our most popular and is light enough to pull young colts around without damaging their mouth.

Reinsman Equestrian Products manufactures quality western riding equipment. Their experienced and skilled craftspeople take pride to assure each product is manufactured correctly.

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By Average Amateur on 07/27/2012

Haven't really owned it long enough to give a really good review of the bit. I'm hoping it'll last at least long enough to get my money's worth. It's not giving me any signs to question it's longevity right now, but it seems bits like these aren't going to end up hanging in your tack locker for the next several years or so. Great for going a step up from a O or D ring snaffle. I do have a minor complaint, when I ordered I didn't realize a chain chin strap would come with (not in the photo), but that it has, the stainless steel clip that connects the chain to bit isn't holding up. The pin for the spring is wiggling loose and I can see it's bent. Don't know how this happened, but only happened at most 2 weeks after usage. I take really good care of my tack and use a fairly light hand on the horse I'm using this bit on, so I don't feel it's an action on my part. I would love for Reinsman to make this bit with a mouthpiece that's an inch snaffle on the out edges, with a twisted wire center. Would only recommend to a friend watching their budget or hobby horseman.

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