Professional's Choice Quick-Wrap Bell Boots

Item # 217BB10

With a 360 degree wrap and an overlap in the back, they cover the whole hoof, including the coronet band and the bulb, and provide excellent shock-absorption right where its needed.

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Shaped like traditional bell boots, the QuickWrap Bell Boots Ltd. provide the ultimate in hoof and soft tissue protection for performance horses. With a 360-degree wrap and an overlap in the back, they cover the whole hoof, including the coronet band and bulb, providing excellent shock absorption right where it's needed. QuickWrap Bell Boots Ltd. are designed to work exclusively with Professional's Choice protective boots such as the SMB-II and the splint boot (sold separately).

  • Ultrashock lining -- provides protection and shock absorption
  • Ballistic binding -- provides high degree of durability
  • Covers back of hoof to ground -- Superior protection to critical areas of hoof
  • Made with limestone-based neoprene -- will not crack or crumble, easy to maintain, absorbs shock and will not absorb water, sweat or harbour bacteria

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    Product Reviews

    By Tina on 07/27/2012

    Would highly recommend. First rate quality. I use these while Im trainig, they don't rub or shift. Keeps my horse from clipping his front shoes and not pulling them off. Which keeps from hoof damage and having to call the farrier!!!

    By Maebh on 07/27/2012

    Have a horse that overreaches? Ride real, good, long, true trail riding? Don't want your shoes to come off?
    These are the bell boots to use! They have a ton of cushioning, the Velcro lasts forever, and very adjustable. They are worth every penny. They can ever be too big because they can be wrapped tighter with any adjustment you want. I have had many over-reachers and even when my horses have caught these bell boots they have never come off and you hear that noise knowing if they weren't there a shoe would have been pulled or tweaked.
    Trail riders buy for sure! Easy to clean even when I have ridden in the rain through puddles, mud and sand. The pair I have has lasted going on 2 years and finally time to replace. One horse is a size 1 shoe and I use a medium but my big guy is a size 3 shoe and he of course gets the large. Size three is pushing it for all bell boots but because these are sooooo adjustable they are great. My personal preference with these is to go bigger, unless you have a very small footed horse or pony. I like my bells to rub the ground on the back it is the best way to keep shoes on.

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