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These non-toxic Ice Cells offer a great way to effectively ice the legs after riding or for therapy.

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These non-toxic Ice Cells offer a great and easy way to effectively ice your horse's legs after riding. Designed specifically for use with our SMB-II's®, they fit securely inside the boots to evenly distribute cold therapy to your horse's leg. They remain flexible while frozen and retain their shape as they melt. Our ice cells are reusable and can be stored in the freezer. They also work great for icing down injuries sustained by the rider. Includes two sheets (38 ice cells each).

• Individual liquid chambers -- remains flexible when frozen to conform to horse's leg
• Reusable -- lasts for many uses, unlike ice
• Shaped to fit the SMB-II® -- convenient because you use them with boots your already have

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Product Reviews

By Sassy's Mom on 07/27/2012

My horse is rated at a 4 lameness. have been icing for 3 days. Very conveinient with this product. Everybody needs these in there first aid kit. Very reasonable on price. Very happy with this purchase!

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