Equine ear plugs are a wonderful tool that equine handlers have been using for years to keep horses calm, relaxed and focused. They are great for competitions, trailering, clipping, trail riding or anytime you need a relaxed horse.

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Plughz were created by Wendy Hammond, an avid amateur hunter and equitation rider. She noticed the need for a better equine ear plug when she saw other riders and trainers using foam ball cat toys as ear plugs. These cat toys have very bright colors, resemble soccer or golf balls and are quite porous. After months of development Plughz, Equine Ear Plugs were created. This new style of ear plug are made of a lightweight foam, comes in the right color and with a light textured finish to keep them snug in the ear. Plughz, Equine Ear Plugs are washable, discreet, and reusable.

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