Newberry Show Halter

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Newberry Show Halter

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From: $69.95
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Just like our Royal King halter (#18-39), but a great new silver design. Raised silver bead on the edges give this a great look anyone can afford. Matching lead shank included. Imported.



Cheek Piece

Crown Piece













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Product Reviews

By Erica on 08/20/2019

I purchased this halter over 10 years ago and used it a handful of times. I have kept it in a halter case and inside the house when not in use, which I have not used it for a good 8 years or so. The halter is still in pristine condition the silver ect still looks like the first day I took it out. A nice low budget halter for local shows and I even know someone who used this same halter at AQHA congress, you can’t tell the difference between this and the high dollar halters if you take care of it.

By Kristy on 07/27/2012

This halter is pretty decent. I love the cuts on the cheeks, it looks like the Congress Show Halter I was thinking about purchasing.

I would only recommend this for local showing. The metal is cheap and breaks very easily.

By Jean on 07/27/2012

When I received the halter the silver on the noseband was broken. I re-ordered and when I recieved the replacement halter and tried to shape the noseband it broke. Not a good product.

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