Imported Square Stock Twisted Wire Snaffle Bit

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Imported Square Stock Twisted Wire Snaffle Bit

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Stainless steel 5" snaffle mouth Square Twisted, Wire with 2-3/4" Loose Ring *Level Four

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By horse girl on 07/27/2012

I borrowed a friend's for quite a while, then was given the same bit as a gift. I use this on a green horse that is still showing in the snaffle. This bit is not legal to show in, but I use it in all my warm-ups before I switch to the show snaffle as well as schooling at home. A great schooling bit to keep their attention and not let them get lazy or lean into the bit, but it's not a super aggressive bit either. I prefer a bit that rusts, but rusting might take away the benefit of this bit by smoothing off the square edges in the twist--not sure. Love the price! I own a fair number of higher-priced bits, but this lower-priced bit is just as valuable a piece in my tackroom as they are.

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