Healthy Hair Care Gallon Moisturizer

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Gallon Moisturizer

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Now you can throw away all of your old mane and tail products that leave behind a gummy, sticky buildup and hide your horse's natural shine.

Healthy Hair Care Hair Moisturizer is a therapeutic lanolin and oil enriched concentrate that assists in replacing vital oils to the hair and skin. And there is no Silicone or alcohol to dry out your horse's hair coat. Daily use helps to control dandruff and dry skin.

Mix one part of Healthy Hair Care Hair Moisturizer with eight parts of water in a spray bottle. Spray on after daily grooming, after body clipping, bathing, or on blanket chafed areas. Spray onto tails, manes, coats, soft brush, towel, or massage into hair. It's also a great touch up spray before entering the show ring.

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Product Reviews

By Gwen on 07/27/2012

Been using the same product for years with no complaints (except that everyone else steals it!). Lasts forever and doesn't lost any of it's qualities. Makes your horse soft and shiny without making them greasy. I love it!

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