Cowboy Magic Shine In/Yellowout Shampoo

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Neutralizes Yellow Stains and Brightens Hair of All Colors.

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Neutralizing Yellow, Brightens Hair of All Colors

Benefits for horse & human:

  • Takes yellow stains out
  • Gives dull hair of every color a more brilliant sheen
  • Benzophenone 3 to help shield sun fading
  • Leaves hair silky, shiny and smelling good


  • Apply to wet hair, massage in until blue suds turn white.
  • Soak for two to five minutes.
  • Rinse well before repeating if necessary

    Permanent Stains:

  • Nature can permanently stain hair color.  To determine if a stain is permanent or not soak stained hair in a 50/50 mixture of vinegar and warm to hot water for 2-5 minutes.
  • Reapply Yellowout per directions.  if stain persists it may be permanent.  Continue to follow directions to minimize permanent yellow stain until hair can grow.
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    By ssophia on 07/27/2012

    Again, used this on my black and white papillon who was a little yellow, looks great now! Can't wait to try this on my black and white paint who really likes to play in the mud.

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