Comfort Combo Hack

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Comfort Combo Hack

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Utilizing various pressure points, Combination Bits offer simultaneous interaction of the mouthpiece, curb strap and noseband. When rein pressure is applied or released, the bit automatically disperses or releases pressure to the horse's mouth, chin, nose and poll. Because pressure is dispersed, the bits offer succint and effective, yet very humane communication, allowing the rider to use less pressure than needed with a traditional bit. Rewarding the horse for staying light, the sliding mouthpiece offers encouraging "free play" before completely engaging, making the Combination Bit an excellent training tool.

Level: Two
Design: Curved mouthpiece with low-ported center barrel. 3/4" Port.

  • Pressure on tongue and corners of the bars
  • Slight collapse on the bars
  • Tongue relief before restriction
  • Independent Side Movement
  • 5" mouth

    Usage: A good bit for horses in beginning stages of training and those needing some tongue relief.

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    Product Reviews

    By combination on 09/06/2014

    This is the perfect bit EXCEPT the lack of seize !!!!!
    I have Icelandic Horses and the bits are to big !!!
    Why can it not be made in smaller seizes ?????????
    Best regards charlotte

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