Cast Iron Horse Door Stop

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Our Cast Iron Horse Door Stop is made of heavy cast iron with a vintage horse design and a handle for easy lifting.

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Folks used to leave all their windows open to let the cool breezes in, and a heavy door stop was used to keep those breezes from slamming doors shut all over the house!  Measures 17.5" H x 7" L x 2 1/2" W.  Weighs 4 1/2 lbs.  Imported.

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Product Reviews

By DeAnna on 08/21/2017

Works great!

By Kay on 03/08/2017

Love the handle. Very practical and people love the way it looks! ;)

By Melissa on 03/04/2017

Perfect size. Love it

By Kaila on 11/17/2016

Bought this to keep the door to the garage open for the kitties. Looks beautiful and well made. You might have to angle it to hold open a heavy door but it works perfectly with ours and it's designed to close on it's own. Great purchase for our household!

By Kaila on 10/27/2016

It's so nice not to have my husband's boot holding up the door anymore. This is an attractive holder. It's heavy and well worth the buy. We had to work out the correct angle so as to keep the door open, but it works! Very attractive!My cat's appreciate being able to get into the garage to go potty and I appreciate it when I need to bring the groceries inside and don't have to wrestle the door open.

By GrandmaT3 on 06/28/2015

I had wanted to get this for quite awhile. I am so happy I did. It looks great and hold the master bedroom door open, since it wants to close. I did think the handle would be a little longer, but I am still glad I got it.

By horsemom4 on 03/05/2015

i love this door stop it works great and looks very nice.

By Pennykay on 12/23/2014

Does the job! Looks good!

By Pennykay on 12/23/2014

Does the job! Looks good!

By Always shoppin' on 10/06/2014

Works like a charm!

By CountryGirl on 09/22/2014


By Wendy on 09/14/2014

Heavy enough to keep my front and back doors open. Looks nice when not in use too. I plan on buying one for a friend as well.

By Mike on 06/28/2014

I use it on an interior door to my office. The weight it appropriate and works well on the carpeted floor. And it is much more attractive than the rock I was using before.

By Rookie on 12/18/2013

Love having the handle on this doorstop...easy to move it ! I use it on an interior door which keeps closing on its own. I needed to put felt pads on the bottom to keep from scratching floor. An exterior door might require a heavier weight but this size meets my indoor needs perfectly.

By cheeks on 09/04/2013

this is very nice and has held up to the windy days. been looking for a good door stop.

By Maggie on 04/25/2013

Horse is very small. Only good for very light breezes not a windy day.

By Painted trail on 02/01/2013

Just got one of these, and wish I'd bought more. I love not having to bend over or shove a doorstop around with my foot.

By Tall Patti on 01/01/2013

The doorstop works great, right weight, height, etc. However in the catalog it is black and the one we received was brown.

By denma on 12/25/2012

Cute Better than sneakers to prop open the doors on windy desert days

By bob on 12/12/2012


By Kathy horse lover on 07/27/2012

The only thing I am concerned about is where the handle screws into the top of the horse gets lose very easily and when I tighten it - it feels as though it is stripping out the screw and I am not sure how long it will be before it won't screw in anymore

By olcowgirl.. on 07/27/2012

Always have my doors open, and with the wind, they get shut, so of course I need a door stop, and and western one at that.

By Annette on 07/27/2012

I bought two of these heavy doorstops to hold open outside doors with automatic closers on them, when we want to get some air in the office. The rubber doorstops did not work. These do. They are attractive and matched the western themed decor of my office.

By Lynn on 07/27/2012

Perfect weight to hold the door, attractive and easy to assembly. Very breezy where we are located and it works wonderfully.

By LUV2G8T on 07/27/2012

Love a summer breeze. Finally have a GORGEOUS door stop to hold the door open. Shipped quickly and in perfect condition. I do feel the two pieces could have fit together a little nicer, but otherwise love it!

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