Barbwire Candle Holder

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Rustic barbwire is wrapped around a bubble-glass candle holder, creating a glowing, diffused light when you add your favorite candle.

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Rustic barbwire wrapped around bubble-glass candle holder.

Measures 5 3/4” H x 5 1/2” in diameter.

Candle not included.

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Product Reviews

By Bronzesgirl on 11/20/2014

Not great at all. The candles you used to sell with the barbed wire wrapped around the actual candle were much, much better.....the scent of the candle was WONDERFUL and the overall look of each candle had a lot of character.

By Cb on 01/18/2014

The barbed wire just kinda bounced around on the glass not the best quality.

By dottielee on 11/10/2013

This was given as a wedding gift from your registry and the couple absolutely loved it!

By Melissa on 07/23/2013

These look nice and rustic, very pretty.

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