Bob Avila Signature Ring Snaffle Bit

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Avila Signature Ring Snaffle Bit by Professional’s Choice

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This mild snaffle bit affects the horse by applying pressure on the tongue, bars and the corners of the mouth. The added weight of the O-rings and the hinged mouthpiece action gives horsemen more control and poll pressure. The copper inlay mouthpiece encourages salivation, enhancing your horse's sensitivity to the bit and keeps the mouth soft. It is designed for all disciplines and any level of horse. The single-jointed mouthpiece is legal in the show ring.

" This is the first bit I put in a horse's mouth, and it's the first one I reach for when I have a problem with a horse and need to 'backtrack' and re-train something. This is without a doubt the most useful tool in my tack room. "

- Bob Avila

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