Acti-Flex Powder 5Lb

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The search for safe and effective alternatives for joint pain without harmful side effects has led to the increased popularity of natural products, such as Acti-Flex.

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Acti-Flex Powder contains the same formulation and levels of essential ingredients as the liquid form in an alfalfa-based powder. It works with remarkable speed, making notable improvements within five days. You may even see results in as little as 48 hours!

Acti-Flex offers the horse and the horse owner the option of joint lubricating feed supplementation by either liquid or powder. Today’s equine sports put a tremendous demand on a horse’s joints. Acti-Flex was developed to help combat the damage that results from these demands. Whether you have a horse in training, in competition or a retiree, this product will help prevent, repair and ease joint pain for horses of all ages and disciplines.

5 LB at 1 oz/ day will last 80 Days
9 LB at 1 oz/ day will last 144 Days
16 LB at 1 oz/ day will last 256 Days

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