Professional's Choice Ventech Elite Sports Medicine Boots - Value 4 Pack

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As an incentive to conscientious horsemen who realize the benefits of booting all four legs, Professional's Choice offers a Value 4-Pack which contains a full set of both front and rear VenTECH Elites at a substantial savings. Protect your horse’s leg with these lightweight, ventilated sport boots. Choose from a large variety of colors and patterns to match any outfit!

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Regularly: $159.95

Sale From: Special Price: $139.99

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VenTECH technology, the Elite Sports Medicine Boot is lightweight and multi-layered with a ventilated, limestone-based neoprene exterior and UltraShock lining. Ventilated neoprene conforms to your horse, allows heat and moisture to escape, and keeps your horse cool, comfortable and performing at its best. The boot provides 360 degrees of protection, safeguarding the cannon bone, tendons and soft tissue, and is proven to absorb over 26% of energy from hoof impact. The uniquely designed suspensory strap stretches with each stride, allowing full ankle movement and helping to eliminate hyperextension of the fetlock. The distinctive angle of this strap guarantees proper application, ensuring the boot provides maximum protection. Sold in set of 4.

Product Reviews


By donkeymama

At the advice of my daughter's coach, we bought these boots for our barrel horse. They fit well and provide the proper support.


By donkeymama

My daughter's instructor recommended these for her barrel horse and they are great. They fit well and hold up well if taken care of.


By Zabbey

Great product fits my 13.1 pony nicely been eventing in them first year with this brand!!!!! Amazing product!!!!!! the stars look great on dark palominos!!!


By Jennaa

Love em' highly recommended


By Glenna

I have used the SMB3 for years and like the fit, heard these were better so thought I'd try. They did not fit my horse, I did not feel they provided the same protection and support, so I returned them. I will stick with what I know works and just hope they don't stop making the SMB3's. Professional Choice has great products, I use their cinch and saddle pad, but dissapointed in the Elite sports boots.


By Danie

Its a really good product. I've been using tis brand for about 5 years now and they hold up so long.I'm always going to use these. They really help support my top barrel racer.


By Hailey

I've been using these boots for over 2 years now, I've used them from barrel racing, reining, trail riding and everyday riding. They hold up nicely, occasional the velcro will wrap after a year or two but that only happen to one of my sets out of many. They hold up when they get and they don't sag off my horse's legs. I strongly suggest these boots for anyone who does gaming or reining or any western discipline.


By Maddy

Really great product! I have been using these wraps on my horse for 2 years now. They offer really great support for him since he has arthritis. The Velcro hasn't worn out and the boots are very easy to put on. Cleaning them is super easy also. All you have to do is stick them in a bucket of water with some shampoo for about 30 min, then rinse the boots off, and let them dry.


By Boss

This Product Sucks Just didnt ever fit right Dirt gets in and Velcro wears out super fast-


By Boss

This Product Sucks Just didnt ever fit right Dirt gets in and Velcro wears out super fast-

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