Silverado Canister Set

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Silverado Canister Set

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Thick, textured glass with stylish cast-iron bases and lids with star handles, plus rubber stoppers to keep air and moisture out and freshness in. Canisters come in a set of three and measure from 9" to 13" tall. Imported.

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By Horsey

Very Heavy, made pretty good....just a little pricey...however was a gift for someone, made them very very happy


By Star

The star tops are glued on the jar lids, all three are crooked!



Super heavy duty and very nice.



Very nice canister set. Good quality!


By JJack

The canisters are really cute but not the sizes I thought. I wanted them to put pasta in but the spaghetti didn't fit in the tall one and the others are smaller than I thought but they all still work. I broke the spaghetti to make it fit. Also, they had some chips and cracks but didn't want to mess with sending them back. The bases and lids are thick metal and the class is thick glass. They all look really good.


By Bonnie

I am saving this product to display in my new home that is being built. It is going to sit on
the counter between the kitchen and den. I have several ideas of what I will place in them. I know I will change the items out seasonally. For Christmas perhaps candy canes in one, pinecones in another, or some small decorative balls in one. During other periods I will probably have pastas or colorful beans. I have too many ideas to post all. I do know I can't wait to display them, I absolutely love these canisters.


By faraway

Worth the money. The glass is heavy duty and the canister lids fit well.

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