Silver Floral Shaped Spur Straps

Price: $39.95


Silver Floral Shaped Spur Straps in Chestnut, Dark or Natural Oil.

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Price: $39.95
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Tooled Floral Pattern Spur Straps with Oval Engraved Buckles. Available in Natural, Chestnut and Dark, Men's or Ladies.

Product Reviews


By Hb

Lesson learned! Should read comments! Would have never ordered because mine are too small & I list the tags


By SusieD

Great spur straps. Love them.


By LeoS

Please be aware - these are MUCH shorter than standard spur straps! I really liked the look of them, although the leather was a little cheap, making them VERY hard to get on my spurs. After a lot of struggle, I finally got them on...only to find that I couldn't even buckle them around the top of my boot! (And I wear Double H lacers, not some gigantic piece of footwear.) I measured them at 9.5" on their last hole. I compared to my other pairs of spur straps, and they measured 12"! So I had to return them (and getting them OFF my spurs was worse than getting them on) and get another pair, which I asked the customer service agent to measure for me over the phone (she was awesome, by the way). Yep, other pair measured 12". Seriously, Rod' would help if you included measurements on your spurs, just to help us avoid this problem! These would be great for a youth rider - but for the average woman, pick another set.

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