Schutz Brothers 5/8" Quick Change End Harness Leather Reins

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Schutz Brothers 5/8'' Quick Change End Harness Leather Reins

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Schutz Brother designed Quick change ends that allow no-hassle bit changes with no screws or ties. Made from Harness Leather 5/8" width 7 foot plus.

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I just trail ride, but I have used these reins for at least 10 years. I'm ordering a new set because the leather is getting thin at the bit. Thats just because my horse tries to snitch when were riding and i have to pull hard to get his head up. The reins are so easy to get apart and clean. You never have to worry about losing a screw. You can just look down and see its together. The only time they have ever come undone was when my horse rubbed his head on his leg and the leather slipped out.

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