Rush Hour Toilet Seat

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''Rush Hour'' Toilet Seat. This Item will not be available until mid-April.

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Artist Victoria Wilson-Schultz’s breathtaking scene of paint horses crossing the water graces this premium toilet seat. This toilet seat has artwork on both sides of the lid and is constructed of sturdy wood; available in standard size of 15 ½" x 13 ½". Imported.

Product Reviews

By gail on 05/06/2015

This toilet seat is beautiful. Here is how I got mine to work good, there are three holes so use the one that works best for you I used the second set with the washers down first on the bowl passed the big screw threw then the next washers but not the plastic nuts, I used metal nuts with lock washers tighten them up tight the plastic ones just didn't get tight and the seat moved, just could not get it tight but now no trouble and I just love it.

By Tina on 03/06/2014

I also recommend this product, colorful, and unique

By Donna Marie on 01/14/2014

Beautiful seat but doesn't properly fit our 'Canadian' toilet... The holes in the toilet are larger than the hardware on the seat and so the seat is crooked and sometimes wiggly. Maybe we will figure out a way to fix it...

By JD on 07/04/2013

I have had this seat for quite a while, and have definitely got my money's worth. Part of the paint on the seat itself is coming up, and reveals the white underneath, so I figure it is time to get another one. I have the elongated toilet, but I still use this seat because it is so beautiful, and brings back wonderful memories of when I owned horses. I still ride whenever I get the chance, but it is not the same as owning your own horse, and the bond that develops. Thanks for the memories :)

By Dilly on 07/27/2012

Adding this toilet seat added a bit of elegance to our bathroom's rustic decor.

By lisa the ogre on 07/27/2012

I received this toilet seat a few weeks ago and also bought the matching shower curtain in anticipation of the finalization of my home remodeleling. We finally opened the box of my new toilet today only to discover that the seat would not fit on the elongated toilet. So, I did what any self-respecting horse lover would do, I returned the toilet and got a round one. When the toilet was installed I finally opened the packaging only to discover that this toilet seat is far more lovely than I ever anticipated. The seat itself has some variable lovely hues, is a durable plastic instead of the cushioned seat that falls apart, and is just so cool looking due to the art on both sides of the lid. I love it. I recommend it highly. The only thing so far is that we have yet to fasten it tightly enough to ensure that it doesn't wiggle, and the installation wasn't as easy as we'd hoped, but I hope we'll get it worked out. It sure is pretty though.

By bunygrl on 07/27/2012

It's really nice and colorful. Makes a difference in the bathroom.

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