Royal King Double Ear With Matching Reins

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Royal King Double Ear with Matching Reins

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Hand engraved silver trim mounted on fine bridle leather. Complete with reins.

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By clof16

I really wish they'd sell pieces of the bridle. I have the exact same bridle, but single-eared. This year I was wanting the double-eared, but when I called they said they only sell the whole bridle package. I think it is ridiculous that I have to buy a whole bridle set, when I have everything but one ear piece.


By Klew

Although the picture shows light oil as the color of this bridle, it only comes in dark oil and that's what you get. There's no color option on the drop down, so you don't know that dark oil is what you'll get, expecting light oil. They cheerfully refunded by shipping to send it back and said they'd fix the website, but haven't yet.

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