Rod's Exclusive Gourmet Horsehead Colander

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Rod's Exclusive Gourmet Horsehead Colander

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Stylish horse head colander crafted from the highest quality stainless steel. Large four quart capacity. Measures 5¾" high with a 9½" diameter. Imported.

Product Reviews

By Cathy on 09/21/2016

Love it!!!

By boots on 07/17/2014

love it,

By TwoShea on 05/06/2014

Just what every cowgirls kitchen needs. It is so cute and matches my stainless appliances so it stays on my counter as a decoration and makes it handy to use! Love it.

By TwoShea on 05/06/2014

This is just what the cowgirl kitchen needs, looks great with my stainless appliances and is super functional too.

By Jessie on 01/07/2014

Very nice, have wanted it a long time. My sister asked me what I wanted for Christmas, I said nothing then we were shopping and saw a stainless steel colander, it reminded me of the one you had I told my sister about it and gave her the catalog. I told her your in luck it's on sale. yeah Great addition to my kitchen. thanks

By CW on 05/24/2013

Love it!!! So dang cute!

By Jo on 12/09/2012

Been looking at this for some time. Got it love it. What else's can be said its a colander.. Very well made.

By klb on 07/27/2012

I have wanted this product for a very long time. It is a wonderful addition to any western kitchen.

By PEP-M on 07/27/2012

I wanted to get this on sale. One week it was on sale, the next it wasn't. I would have preferred to pay [$] for this item; Not [$]. But I do like it. They just switch the pricing on it to often so wait for the lower price. But it is worth it.

By Kenzie on 07/27/2012

Have had this product 2 years now. Use all the time and is holding up great! Always handy because it is pretty enough to leave on the counter. When I am not using it for a colander, it holds fresh fruits and vegetables to grab easily. Good size and would be great for anybody.

By Brenda on 07/27/2012

I use mine for fruit on the kitchen counter.

By ssophia on 07/27/2012

Love the round base versus ones with feet. Would like a larger one. Waited until it was on sale and just love it!

By Equineannie on 07/27/2012


By okie cook on 07/27/2012

a good utilitarian item for the kitchen, but with added design features of a cutout horse head to accent Western kitchen decor.

By cowgirldeborah on 07/27/2012

This is nice looking enough to leave on the counter. I am very interested in seeing how long it lasts with weekly use straining pasta.

By Likes Horses Woman on 07/27/2012

Like it so much I got one as a gift and one for myself, too.

By Blackjack Lodge on 07/27/2012

The quality and construction are great.

By AJ on 07/27/2012

A must have. I could not put it away. I sit it on my counter and use it for fruit or fresh veggies.
Great gift.

By 3 Horses on 07/27/2012

Well made and sturdy piece. Looks great in the kitchen! I thought it might be cheaply made but it's average weight and very usable. Would make a great gift!

By Cactus Flower on 07/27/2012

This colander is so pretty we leave it on the counter to hold fruit. Even my husband loves it. I bought one for each of my "horsey" friends for Christmas after I saw how nice it was.

By Ann on 07/27/2012

Very pretty, very sturdy and I've already used it a couple times only having it a few days. Think I will get a lot of use out of it.

By Horse Show Alice on 07/27/2012

I bought several of these for gifts and was very pleased with the quality and shine of these. It will make a great accent piece in any kitchen. Glad I bought an extra one. May keep it for myself!

By Marianne on 07/27/2012

This was even better quality than I was expecting! Heavy duty and attractive.

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