Rod's Airflow Felt Saddle Pad

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Wool felt top with a nonslip tacky neoprene bottom.

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Wool felt top with a nonslip tacky neoprene bottom, extra cushion at the bar and cut out for close contact. 32" x 32".

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By Kristi

Love this pad! My saddle sits right on my horse now. No slipping when I get on. My saddle used to dip slightly in the front due to muscle loss in the shoulder. Now it's a level topline, and my horse is definitely more relaxed under this pad. It is great quality. I will be getting more of these for other horses. I have owned this pad for about 4 months.


By Nikki

Bought this pad for my daughters old mare. Did exactly what I hoped: made the saddle fit better and added softer cushion on the sides around the shoulder and withers.


By Kristie

Bought this pad for my older horse whose back is starting to drop. Love it. Fits great. Horse seems to like it. Highly recommend.


By Janine

I purchased one of these pads a couple years ago for my daughters older morgan mare. VERY happy with the pad, yes... the leathers could be better, but overall very happy with it and we are ordering another one of them.


By Toni

This is the best all around saddle pad I've ever bought! Perfect thickness and my horse seems very comfortable in. Can use alone or i like to put a single wool decorative pad over top of it. I especially like the "tacky" underside so it doesn't slip around on my very round quarter horse


By joann

have 3 of these pads and that work wonders, from the percheron cross the pad doesn't slip to my appy that need a cut out and nieces aqha who needs the build up.



Excellent pad for the money, perfect for hollowed out shoulder, high wither, short back mare!


By mk

wear leathers not really leather and poorly stitched (glued) Pad itself seemed okay. I did return product as it was not what I needed.



pad itself should be good, was disappointed with the wear leathers - only sewed on 1 side and glued on and it's peeling off the bottom side, and quality of leather pretty cardboard. Hopefully this one will last a while!


By Mara

My horse has a very weak back, high withers, and a swayed back. We had a regular wither saddle pad but after I put this on her, she moved 100% better. I love what this saddle pad did for my horse! It's helped her back so much and I really recommend this for horses with weak backs if you don't want to buy the $200 versions of these


By livie

I really like this pad for higher wither horses. Works great!


By Julie

I have been very pleased with everything I have ordered from Rods however I have 2 backordered items [...]I love Rod's,your mercchandise, your service and your selections. Can't wait to use the headstall and the saddle pad. Julie Minden


By Showin Quarters

For the price, this is a great saddle pad! I needed something that would go well under my show blankets and this does the trick! I might just have to get a couple more :)


By sierra

This saddlepad is just as nice as the $120 pads. I'm so glad I bought it!


By Barn Girl

Highly recommmended
Love this saddle pad


By Troublescandy

Love the product. I wanted to order another saddle pad, but it was on backorder just one week later. I have found that this is common for Rod's to offer and item and then not have enough of that product. Last year waited over 6 months on a backorder item and had to call to check every so often. No one kept me informed on a ship date. I finally canceled my order.



I have not used my saddle pad as of yet due to a broken leg but, it came and looks great. Looks of good quality and I think I'm going to be very happy with this purchase. I think my horse will be too.


By Marsh

I do serious mountain riding in the Elk Mountains and the West Elks (CO). I need a pad that is comfortable for my horse, generous enough under my saddle and doesn't slip. This pad does all of that. When I opened the box I was amazed at the high quality materials used. I like this so much, that I as trying to order two more for my other horses, but they're on backorder. You won't be disappointed with this pad.


By Blen

This is a great saddle pad, fits my horse very nice. Love the nonslip tacky neoprene bottom, and the contour fit; fits my older horse very well.


By Melissa

I have had this pad about four months using it 5 or 6 days a week on my reining mare. I was looking for a felt pad with wear leathers that cover most of the length of the pad and this one was about half the price of some of the other pads. On top of being half the price the ventilation works AMAZING! After a long work out my mare is sweatier under her mane then under the saddle pad. The rubber waffle texture underneath does not slip at all, and hasn't caused any rubs or chaffing like some of the cheaper plastic type ones will. Best of all is the bar cushions, my equine massage therapist mentioned that my mares back was much less tense with out me even mentioning that I had purchased a new pad. This pad is EASILY worth double the price, and I would still buy it. I also would like to mention that it has a "butterfly" pattern underneath so that your cinch straps sit against the horse and not over 1" of padding. The wear leathers are of decent quality, not english leather, but not the made in China plastic either. I will deffinately be buying again once this one wears out, hopefully Rods will still carry them by the time it wears out, seems like it will last a good while.

P.S. VERY easy to clean. I take my stiff brush to the wool and any hay/horse hair just flicks off and I take a baby wipe to the underside if it isn't that dirty or I will hose it off if it goes a month with out washing.

-Very satisfied customer!

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