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Ride Smart

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Under one title, Craig Cameron brings together a thorough look at horses and their nature and good, solid horsemanship skills that suit both novice and experienced riders. The book is divided into sections, each dealing with a different aspect of horsemanship. The first delves into the psychological and physical realities of horses as a species and how man can best understand them to develop a positive, partnering relationship with them. Other sections cover groundwork, including early handling, round-pen exercises, and riding techniques that enable the horse to perform basic as well as intricate maneuvers. Each chapter includes interesting sidebars that complement the main text. Sidebars include "True Story," an anecdote or story that relates to the chapter's subject matter; "Here's How," a tip that pertains to the chapter's focus, and "A Better Way," a troubleshooting section that offers a step-by-step exercise people can do to work the horse through a problem noted in the chapter.

By Craig Cameron with Kathy Swan
224 pages
10.8 x 8.2 inches

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By Diane

I have been having pain on the outside of my knees. My Dr. told me it was from riding my horses. I was not going to stop riding. A friend suggested getting crooked stirrups. But the were all so ugly. When I found the Angled aluminum stirrup here at Rods I decided to give it a try. After my first ride I noticed less pain in my knees. I went on a 5 hour ride and had no pain after riding. They are great stirrups.

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