Myler Correction Cathedral Bit

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Design: Curved mouthpiece with two joints with upward-curved piece in center, with a swept-back vertical piece in the center.

Function: Puts downward pressure on tongue and bars, also collapses on bars. Palate pressure is distributed through the anatomically-shaped cathedral port. Offers release when horse relaxesat poll.

Usage: The Myler Correctional mouthpiece allows the rider to reward the horse with a "comfort zone" when relaxed at the poll. This bit is good for collection and stopping and works well on spoiled horses and horses which run through the bit. The cathedral port engages almost automatically when the horse lifts up out of the bridle. Due to the high port, this bit should be mostly used with a loose rein.

This bit has an 8" shank, 7½" shank, 3¼" port, and a 5" mouth.