Professional's Choice Shiloh SMx Air-Ride Saddle Pads

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Same great features as the regular SMX but with a ¾" core for extra protection in events where extreme shock could effect performance. Measures 36" x 34".

The SMx H.D. (heavy-duty) Air Ride Shilloh Pattern Pads are constructed with a stylish 100% wool Navajo blanket top that is densely woven to ensure durability and to prevent saddle slippage. Wool's natural elasticity is a result of its fibers' ability to stretch and return to their natural form, extending its lifespan. Each pad is also lined with high quality merino wool which naturally wicks away moisture keeping your horse at a cool, comfortable body temperature.

The patented core material in every SMx Air Ride provides a shock absorbent, lightweight pad that is highly breathable. The core creates an even flow of air circulation in every direction, resulting in accelerated heat and moisture evaporation. Your horse will feel less heat and cool off faster, increasing overall performance.

SMx H.D. (Heavy Duty) Air Ride Saddle Pads have a 3/4 inch breathable core. These thicker pads are generally preferred in western disciplines where extreme shock could affect the performance of the horse, i.e. roping.

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