Extra Long 1lb Tail Enhancements

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36" X-Long tail. Weighs approximately 1 lb. Prewashed and conditioned. Made in the USA. The enhancement to the right is Flaxen. The tail we offer is a Mixed Flaxen and will have other colors mixed in the tail. The overall apperance may look darker than what is shown.

    Application steps:
  • Place a braid in your horse's tail on the side of the bone approximately 1 inch from the bottom of the bone.
  • Once the braid is in place, push the loose ends of the switch ties through the sections of your braid and tie a loose knot. Adjust the length and secure the knot.
  • Lace the loose ends of the ties through the braid to secure.
    Care Instructions:
  • Hang your switch in the wash rack on a hook or hanger.
  • Wash thoroughly with any mild shampoo. Rinse and condition.
  • Brush your switch out and dry. You will get the most volume from blow drying with a dryer.