Ezall Total Body Wash Gallon

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Our original unscented formula! Bathe your horse, cattle, livestock and pets naturally and quickly. You’ll see amazing results when you spray on our plant-based body wash. In minutes, dirt loosens and is ready to be rinsed away — without scrubbing! Your animal’s skin will be clean, smooth and flake-free. Well-cleaned skin won’t attract mites or fungus. A little of this natural and safe cleaner goes a long way — each wash takes just a few ounces. Gallon.

Directions for Use:
  • Do not pre-wet animal.
  • Fill foamer reservoir with undiluted Total Body Wash.
  • Attach hose nozzle to hose and quick connect to reservoir.
  • Turn water on and spray animal with Total Body Wash.
  • Disconnect foamer from nozzle and rinse animal.
  • For heavily soiled areas, allow Total Body Wash to set a little longer.
  • For face area, apply Total Body Wash to a damp cloth, then gently wipe clean.
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