Farnam Horseshoer's Secret Deep Penetrating Hoof Conditioner

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Product Detail

  • Absorbs quickly to condition dry hooves and prevent cracks, splits and contracted heels.
  • Exclusive pine tar-free moisturizing formula with avocado oil deep conditions hooves
  • Includes glycerin to attract moisture and mineral oil to hold moisture in
  • Helps repair damaged hooves

    Directions for Use
  • Before applying, pick out soles and make sure hooves are clean, dry and free of debris.
  • Brush into the sole, frog and bulbs of the heel to condition and protect the bottom of the hoof.
  • Apply to hoof wall to restore the periople, retain moisture and put on a natural sheen.
  • Massage into coronary band above the hoof wall to promote healthy new hoof growth.
  • Repeat as needed.