Reinsman D & L Reiner 3/8" Sweet Iron Ported Mullen Reiner Bit

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Reinsman D & L Reiner 3/8'' Sweet Iron Ported Mullen Reiner Bit

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8" Cheeks Attractive, well balanced shank with excellent leverage coupled with a medium purchase for good response. Smaller diameter bar adds some "bite". Port has enough height to allow tongue relief while maintaining enough pressure for correct head set. 5" Mouth.

Reinsman Equestrian Products manufactures quality western riding equipment. Their experienced and skilled craftspeople take pride to assure each product is manufactured correctly.

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By K

I bought this bit to replace on that my mother had that she would not let me keep! It gives the younger horses confidence and my finished gelding really likes it and stays relaxed in it. I can "turn em loose" in it but know that I can bring them back to me when I need them.

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