Professional's Choice SMBII Sport Medicine Boots

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SMB IIs are the best selling equine leg care products in the world. They have protected countless performance horses over the years in every imaginable event.

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From: $64.95
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The Sports Medicine Boots II® (SMB IIs®) are the best selling leg care products in the world. They have protected countless performance horses in every imaginable event over the years, including polo, jumping, reining, barrel racing, endurance, working cow horse and many others. For many horses, these boots have meant the difference between an extended career and periodic or permanent lay-ups. So, it's no wonder there have been numerous attempts to copy them.

Even though some boots may imitate the basic design of the SMB IIs, they can't copy the safety, comfort, or effectiveness that has aided so many horses. Professional's Choice Sports Medicine Boots are the original in product design, quality and comfort because they provide three-fold protection no one can duplicate: exterior leg protection, energy absorption, and most importantly, suspensory support. These benefits are achieved through the individual pieces of the boot working together.

  • Made of Closed-cell, Limestone-based Neoprene - Won't crack or crumble, returns to its original shape even after thousands of repetitions, has all-way stretch for comfort and support, easy to maintain, absorbs shock, and won't absorb sweat or bacteria
  • Radius-cut Straps - Easier to grip and apply, and gives finished appearance
  • Hook Fasteners - Convenient application and easy to adjust
  • Nylon-lined Neoprene - Comfortable for the horse because it won't rub
  • Lined with UltraShock - Provides 360 degrees of protection and shock absorption
  • Sewn-on Suspensory Strap - Elasticity helps support suspensory ligaments and it's easily replaceable
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    Product Reviews

    By StoneMountainShetlands on 10/02/2013

    super nice AS ALWAYS ! these are my favorite brand of protection boots for trail riding, arena work etc.

    By Barrel Diva on 09/30/2013

    I use these boots every time I work my barrel horse. They supply the support she needs and are outstanding in the way they stay up. I would buy these again!

    By Jan on 07/27/2012

    [...]as always excellent quality.

    By Queen Jane on 07/27/2012

    I use them on my parade horses for bling, but I also use for drill team and trail riding. These boots are the best. They fit my horses well and are so easy to put on and take off.

    By Barrel_Runner on 07/27/2012

    I'm a big speed eventer, barrels and poles are what my horses are insanely good at, and they run hard every time we practice or compete. These boots are not only comfortable for my horses, but they protect them as well. I know that I'm not going to lose a boot or rip these boots during a run, causing a fall or a poor run. The color selection is wonderful, I have numerous pairs of these and will continue to use them in the future. I definitely recommend these to you and your horses. The shipping was very quickly. I ordered them on Sunday night, and received them on Tuesday. LOVE THESE BOOTS!

    By mtbarrelracer on 07/27/2012

    I use these every time I run speed events. They provide great protection and support. Mine have lasted forever after lots of hard use.

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