Professional's Choice Clinician Rope Halter

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Professional’s Choice Clinician Rope Halter

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Designed by professionals, this custom-made halter features two strategically placed knots that trigger pressure points on he horse's noce to help maintain control of a difficult or young horse. The halter is slightly ridgid, has a smooth finish and comes with a 15' lead with poppers. The Clinician Rope Halter is ideal for all groundwork and increases effectiveness and safety during training. Black only.

Product Reviews


By Quality

This halter is great I use it a lot to ground train my horse the knots on the nose really put pressure making the horse give in faster and remembering his manners.


By Saddle_Up

it's a great halter to ride and train in! As I ride my horses in halters, the long lead rope makes great reins!


By CH Horses

I have a pushy Thoroughbred who sometimes forgets who is leading who and what HO means when ground tied. After a couple of sessions with this halter he now remembers his ground manners and can be back in his leather hater. If he backslides we just review with this halter for a session. Love it. Very effective.



This halter is great! The crown piece is a bit short, but once you get it tied you don't have a long piece flopping around. Very good feel and weight to the lead rope too! I would use this on any horse for any type of ground work.


By Lynnda37

great for everyday or training halter


By Ca horse girl

This halter has a great price compared to that of the clinicians who make and sell their own. The lead is great, I love how long it is and it makes ground work easier. Although I would'be been happier if it had come with a clip because if you tie your horse in this and they pull back there's no clip to break and release them. Another con is the knots on the halter are loosely tied so the halter was quite snug on my horses head even though she has an average head. Overall though I am happy with the halter and it has a really good price.

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