Poly Cord Draw Reins

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Poly Cord Draw Reins

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The soft, braided black poly rope draw reins for a softer feel and a bit of give.

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By Kat on 07/08/2013

The quality of the rope is great. Really easy to use.
My only complaint is the length. They are REALLY long. The size of my horse (14.2 QH) may contribute to this; but I find when I ride with them, I have A LOT of extra slack in between my hands.
I will continue to use them and they'd be a perfect product for a bigger, longer necked horse.

By wranglerette on 07/27/2012

I had a set of draw reins like this before and they grew legs and walked off. I was so glad to come across them as I have a three year old that my daughter is just starting.

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