Ovation Colorful Zock Socks

Price: $7.95


Brighten up your sock collections with these Nylon/Lycra Knee high Riding Socks.

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Price: $7.95
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Riding Socks constructed with Nylon/Lycra blend in knee high height. Spectacularly crazy Zocks from Ovation, feature wild designs on super slinky boot socks. One size fits from larger children's sizes through adult ladies.

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Product Reviews


By Amber

LOVE these! They are amazing, I tried out my first pair ever yesterday and I am officially hooked :)


By Love these socks

I bought a lot of these last year at Comgress. They never wore out or got runs. I wear them to work with boots and out on the farm with boots. They make putting on my boots easy. I bought a lot more this year at Congress and plan to get more.


By donkeymama

I got these for my daughter for her birthday. They seem to wear and wash well.


By Tara

I ordered 4 pairs of these. Each pair got a run in them only a few hours after wearing them. Really wish they didn't do that. I read the reviews and they said the same thing I was just hoping it wasn't true but it is.


By Zoey

LOVE these socks! They last for a LONG time (I'm very hard on my socks and poke holes in regular socks all the time), NOT these! They make it easier to zip up my tall boots and feel great on my feet. Not to mention they look awesome over my breeches and go with my color schemes! :)


By 16paws

Love these socks! But the consistency of sizing is lacking (some fit correctly; others way too small and not stretchy enough). Some of the too small socks will get holes or runs in them.





By Aggie mom

I love these socks, but they do have a tendecny to peel after a few washes. So far no holes and the designs are great. They're lightweight and comfy, just wish they didn't get the peel look on them. Ordering more for me though and a few for my daughter.


By Meem

Love these fun socks. They are very light weight and almost feel like you aren't wearing socks at all. That's been great since we've been having excessive heat around here. Haven't had them long, but so far they seem to be wearing well.
Like them enough that I just ordered more.


By Happy in Zocks

Will be cool at the horse shows!


By Vickie the nurse

I loved all the colors, but the quality is lacking for the high cost. I had a hole in my sock after just one day of wear. One of my socks was 2 inches shorter than the other one. I ordered nine pairs & gave them as Christmas gifts. I am embarrassed to ask how they liked them.


By judyk53

Use when riding to prevent those annoying sores from the top of the western boots. Colorful enough to up your spirits.


By EquusRN

I wear with my work scrubs for some fun.People love them when they get a peek at my Zocks under the plain black or khaki scrubs. Very comfortable with Danskos


By Pooh Bear

These are good zocks. I buy them for my daughter to wear with her English boots, because they make for getting the boots on and off easier. She loves them and loves the designs they come in.


By Utah Cowgirl

Love these socks and the colorful designs. But you never know if you're going to get a sock that fits well or one that is too small.

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