Myler Hbt Comfort Mouth Mullen Barrel Bit By Toklat

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Myler HBT Comfort Mouth Mullen Barrel Bit by Toklat

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Design: Curved mouthpiece with 5/8 inch jointed center barrel. 5" mouth.
• Tongue pressure from center barrel
• Collapses on bars
• Pinch and restrict with a release
• Independent Side Movement™

Usage: A bit for horses in beginning stages of training learning to bend and balance. Unlike regular Snaffles, the Comfort Snaffle features Independent Side Movement, allowing a rider to isolate and lift the shoulder.

A length of metal with two rings and fixed mouhtpiece attachment. the top ring is for headstall attachment; the bottom ring is for the reins. The length of metal below the mouthpiece is round and bent at an angle toward the rider's hands. The top, or purchase, is angled away from the horse and the ring is squared. 5" shank.

Function: Shanks are used for leverage and, typically, with a curb strap or chain. Depending upon the mouthpiece used, backward and upward pressure on the reins transfers into downward pressure on the poll, pressure on the curb, and forward and downward pressure on the palate. The tops, or purchases are bent away from the horse to prevent discomfort or rubbing.

Usage: Used in Western disciplines.

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By spin spin spin on 07/27/2012

I use this bit on my tangy pepy baby omg i love this bit i just touch the reins and his head just drops to the ground. hes a hard headed horse so ive been looking and lookin my friend said try this. man im so happy i tried it. i do reining, trail, western horsemanship, wester pleasure ect. with this bit. i love it!

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