Lag Screw Offset D-Ring Snaffle Bit

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Lag Screw Offset D-Ring Snaffle Bit

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Black Satin Dee Bit; 5" Curved Wood Screw Snaffle Mouth For Experienced Horse.

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By me

id personally say , get that bit off the market ! If a horse has a problem that requires this bit , the rider needs to re think its training .


By Trainer

Use it for a couple days to get their attention. If you haven't had to use one on a couple horses to get their attention and listening to the bit, then you haven't ridden enough horses, and certainly haven't trained one!! Great attention getter if used properly!


By B

Agreeing with Ashamed of Humanity above... I generally say that bits are only as severe as the hands holding the reins. But If you think this belongs in a horse's mouth, you really shouldn't ride. Ive seen one of these in action with someone who I consider to have pretty educated hands. She barely used the bit and the horse ended up cut, edges of the mouth roughed up.


By Ashamed of Humanity

This bit is extremely severe and cruel. Will make your horse bleed without any hand pressure.

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