Gunsmoke Roller Spoon Bit

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Gunsmoke Roller Spoon Bit

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Gunsmoke Roller Spoon Bit brushed stainless 5-1/8"mouth piece , High Port, Spoon Port,with Copper Rollers,and Copper Barrels, 8 1/4" Medium Shank, High Purchase, Engraved *Level Four

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By SlidinShari

I LOVE this bit! My reiner/working cow horse was starting to get pushy against my hand in my correction bit. He was throwing his shoulder out and getting wobbly in his stops. I was looking for a solid piece spoon bit, and I came across this one for a great price at a show. Tried it out and WOW it's like I have a whole new horse! I now alternate between this bit to show in and softer bit to train in.

PS - this bit is NOT for riders with rough hands, or horses that haven't been worked up to the severity of this bit.

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