Great Plains Felt Saddle Pad

Price: $152.95


New Zealand wool 38” x 34” top blanket over 100% wool felt.

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Price: $152.95
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New Zealand wool 38” x 34” top blanket over 100% wool felt with a 3/8” elastomeric foam that doesn’t permit mold or fungus growth for added protection. Top grain wear leathers.
2.Black/Taupe /Sand

Product Reviews


By horseman

Very poorly made. I have never witnessed a western pad that was cut in halves and held together with stich in


By rodeocwgrl

It's a very pretty saddle pad. It fits my younger horses well, but doesn't work so great for sway-backed horses. Overall, I'm satisfied. I think it will fit better when it's broken in.


By trailrider4life

This product advises that the top blanket is made of New Zealand wool. It is not made of New Zealand wool but a wool/polyester blend in Vietnam. It has a "Made in the USA" tag even though the bottom label advises otherwise. The wool/poly blend is far inferior to New Zealand wool. It is also labeled as a 36" x 34" blanket and advertised as as 38" x 34" blanket. It comes folded inside out and the wear leather down the middle of the pad doesn't lay right when opened up. It looks like the stitching will come apart easily and leave you with two sides, no blanket. Very disappointed, Rod's this is not the quality item I have come to expect from you.

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