Roma Fleece Shaped Halter

Price: $24.95


This fleece covered shaped halter gives extra comfort for you horse.

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Price: $24.95
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This fleece covered shaped halter gives extra comfort for you horse. Halter features an adjustable nose piece as well as a clip at the throat latch. Available in Pony, Cob, Horse, and Warmblood. Black, Navy, or Purple.

Product Reviews


By JenG

Great product. I have an older horse and he has become thin skinned as he ages. He would lose hair and his skin would weep with his leather halter. He lives in the Roma without any problems. This one lasted almost 2 years.


By cjo

This halter is great! My horse doesn't get chafed. Good quality!


By CLB/Chey

Finally a halter that is lightweight, very sturdy and nice soft padding. A little large my Arabian but the padding on the sides is great and the nose and crown are extra wide so no rubs occur anywhere. It has been hard to a fully padded halter that lasts been washed and keeps looking like new. This is my second one in a year. Like to switch out to a clean one when one needs cleaning. The purple is a very light lavender. So pretty! Its made by ROMA a great product!

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