Rod's Exclusive Lycra Sheet with Zipper

Price: $69.95


Use under a winter blanket or sheet to protect and smooth hair.

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Price: $69.95
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Use under a winter blanket or sheet to protect and smooth hair. Light nylon/lycra blend. Imported.

Small600-800 pounds
Medium800-1100 pounds
Large1100-1500 pounds
These sizes are approximate and may vary.

Product Reviews



Garbage do not buy! I bought three and put under two winter blankets on three different horses. The next morning they were already wearing through had holes,and the seams were coming apart! they are way too thin to hold up! Lasted two days and all three needed to go to the garbage!


By Alena

Loved it! super cute on my mare, kept her clean. Better quality that i was expecting. can't beat it for the price!


By Ms. Versatlity

Well worth the price for horse-ware with multiple uses.


By Garry - Princess Father

This product did not disappoint. It is great! Wears well and washes well.


By it's reining in vegas

I bought this for 2 of my horses who both wear medium and both horses have lost the hair around their eyes because the sheet is too tight/small on the face. I have tried to stretch the head area, but it's not helping much. So far the sheets have held up with one small tear. would prefer a belly band instead of the tail strap. This would help keep the sheet from pulling back and making the face area tighter.

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