Darnall Don Dodge Basic Snaffle Bit

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Darnall Don Dodge Basic Snaffle Bit

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Don Dodge is among the greatest names in the horse industry. This Don Dodge designed snaffle is for the colt in training--the first bit to go in the colt's mouth. The "butted" rings allow cheek pressure to be spread over a wider area than conventional ring snaffles reducing the incidence of sore, raw corners on the mouth. Mouth is a standard 5" width with inlaid copper bars to promote moisture and sensitivity.

This is the classic snaffle that a colt will carry comfortably when training or showing.  Made of cold steel, it is designed to rust creating a pleasant "sweet" taste. 

Features 2¾" rings.  Mouthpiece is 5" x 7/16".  Stainless steel.

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