Charlie 1 Horse Bad Influence Felt Hat

Item # CB05250

Charlie 1 Horse Bad Influance Hat

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Charlie 1 Horse Bad Influance Hat

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By Dee on 02/21/2014

I only have One of Your Hats , I ware it all the time , I even ware it to CHURCH? I just Love it . I want more .

By Cowboy Lady on 12/30/2012

I absolutely love this hat! I would reccomend it to anyone! I have had a lot of problems fiding a hat that fit my head without needing adjustments, but this one did. It is really good quality as well. I've recieved a lot of comments on how good it looks. The one thing I was somewhat dissapointed with was that there was the thread that they used to sew the leather accents on, it was knotted but not cut off, about 1-2 inches of it hung down and we just cut it off. It looked like fishing line, so it wasn't really noticable, and it was an easy fix. I love this hat!!! I will deffinately be ordering more Charlie 1 Horses! Also, Rods has some of the best prices for these has!

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