Double-Braided Cord Training Aid

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CB Double-Braided Cord Training Aid

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  • Combines the best features of the draw rein, German martingale & running martingale while eliminating many of the drawbacks
  • Will not over-set head
  • Doesn't limit the ability to bend the horse
  • No special reins required
  • Can be easily ridden one-handed
  • Works for any equine activity - Western or English

    Directions for use: Attache your reins onto the large reins at the end of the training rein. Attach the end snaps to the saddle or girth dees. The floating snaps clip to the bit. The sliding double rings may be adjusted so that the reins will act as draw reins or as a stopper so that it will act as a German martingale.

    Designed by Clark Bradley:
    - 2001 AQHA Horseman of the Year
    - 35+ years trainer/instructor
    - NRHA Hall of Fame
    - Multiple Event Winner at Quarter Horse Congress

  • Product Reviews

    By oltimer on 08/30/2013

    Add one more comment. The instructions were very poor on how to use tack and
    what settings to use for different achievements. Otherwise good tool to have.

    By oldtimer on 08/30/2013

    Tried it on 2 horses and liked it on both horses. It works like a German martingale
    but makes it easy on setting head without hauling on hands all time.

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