Bulkless Cavason

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Bulkless Cavason

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Single ply harness leather, with solid brass hardware and smooth edges for a light and comfortable fit under the bridle. ¾ “wide noseband.

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By LAM on 07/27/2012

Wish Rod's had given noseband and headstall leather width dimensions in their description. Noseband is about an inch wide, wider than I was looking for. Still, leather is nice, not stiff, and buckles are easy to operate. I prefer stainless steel hardware to brass. Needed to punch more holes in headstall, and no keepers makes the long tail end flap around. Will have to add my own, I guess. Overall a good value for the sale price of [$]; this will last a long time.

By LLH on 07/27/2012

This caveson is made from nice supple leather and fit from my pont to my big headed warmblood in means of nose band and placement of nose band but the noseband buckle is all the way to the off side so its kinda hard to buckle and extra hangs out on the side of the face. The cheek peices are too high ans sit rite along the cheek bones so it seemed like if I tightened it a little it would be puting too much pressure on the cheek bones. If you didn't tighten the nose band the bottom of it would hang towards the chin.

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