Braided Barrel Rein

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Braided Barrel Rein

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Was: $12.95

Special Price: $9.99

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Flat ¾" x 8' braided barrel rein with 4 easy grip knots and brass plated hardware.

Product Reviews

By KristinTN on 07/24/2015

I love these reins! I love the variety of colors and they last. I've had the same pair of black/pink ones for years and they are used pretty close to daily.

By April on 01/14/2014

Easy to adjust. Love the knots and shape from round to flat. Durable and comfortable. Lightweight. A friend told me about them, and now I highly recommend them to you.

By Polocrosse Princess on 09/08/2013

I bought these because I wanted cotton reins for Polocrosse instead of nylon. Our team colors are Lime and Blue so seemed perfect.They didn't look like cotton, but the tag stated cotton when they arrived. I have loved them! Used for several months and I am now ordering 2nd pair. The only drawback is the conrad buckles are too heavy. I changed them out to snaps.

By Kay on 05/07/2013

Nice reins. Looked good with our tack. A little stiff at first.

By Radical Rider on 07/27/2012

I use the product on all of my horses ! I love the colors of it and I have a pink and lime green pair but hope to get more.
The only con of these reins is that they don't come with clips on the end. And with my horses, I like to have clips on both sides of my reins so that I can easily switch to a different bridle with ease, without it being time consuming.

I love the knots in the reins, it let's me have better control while running barrels. On the 3rd barrel my horse tends to pull out wide. With these reins I have a nice place marked in between the 1st and 2nd know to pull so my horse turns sharper and doesn't blow out of the barrel.

By Missy on 07/27/2012

I barrel race. I had cotton ones, but they would slip out of my hands and stretch. I got theses reins and they are AMZING. I use the knots in them to remember where to put my hands around the barrel, and the texture won't slip out of your hands. They come long, and you can adjust them as short as you need. I LOVE these reins.

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