Bite Stopper Muzzle

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Bite Stopper Muzzle

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Quickly adjusts to fit most types and sizes of horses.

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By Riona on 07/27/2012

I have a young stallion and with stallions, you get nips and bites. As I train this vice out of him, I wanted to use a muzzle to protect the other horses when I pony him or trail ride in a group. I use a grazing muzzle for turnouts, but it's not practical for riding or ponying. I saw this product and thought it could be exactly what I needed. Boy, was I disappointed. For starters, the muzzle was alittle big for my Quarter Horse's small refine head. I figured I could take it to the leatherman to shave off the edges to narrow the muzzle so my horse's nostrils wouldn't be covered. Secondly, the strap goes RIGHT over the horse's eyes. I'm not exaggerating -it runs directly over their eyeballs! No way can this muzzle be worn without a makeshift throatlatch to pull back the straps from the eyes. A major design flaw! Thirdly, with little effort my horse could shake his nose free. For those of you wondering...yes, I put it on snug, but not too tight to be uncomfortable or cause rub marks. Maybe with alterations from my leatherman I could make this muzzle work for riding, but even then, I'm not sure it would stay put on his face and be worth the hassle. Over all, the muzzle looked uncomfortable, didn't stay on, and only frustrated my horse.

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