Antique C Port Bit

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Antique C Port Bit

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7-1/2" Shank With Diamond & Dots, 5-1/8" Sweet Iron Closed Port Mouthpiece, With Pp Connector. Strong Bit For The Horse That Pushes In Your Hand. (Strong Effect)

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By Spuddy98

This is a nice C Port bit for a well trained horse. My daughter has always looked for a bit that her horse will respond better to. We were visiting a reining trainer and he loaned her a couple bits to try one being a Mike quick C port bit. It worked well for her horse. The trainer suggested that she leave it a bit loose in his mouth so he actually will carry it rather than have it hang by the headstall. Anyhow I was searching for a Quick bit [...] I found this little piece and thought We'd give it a try for the price. The C-port is not as distinct as the quick bit and the antiqued shanks look like they might rust but it sure worked well for her winning a class the first day she tried it (40 riders in the class!) Nice piece!

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