7" Engraved Aluminum Shank Snaffle Bit

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7'' Engraved Aluminum Shank Snaffle Bit

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Aluminum Magic System Bit. Non-collapse shank snaffle, 5" sweet iron mouth with copper inlay, 7½" cheeks.

The Magic System™ of bits provides a powerful transition from rider to horse. Signals that are faster, stronger and clearer and allow the rider to be in better command of the tempo and movement. Because the Magic System™ bits do not collapse like ordinary bits, they combine the flexibility of a jointed mouth with the control of a straight bar mouthpiece. The patented Magic System™ design does not allow the bit to fully collapse thereby reducing tongue pressure and palate injury.

Product Reviews

By Irret on 10/29/2013

So far So good! Seems to be working out

By ta on 07/27/2012

I bought two of these. They look and work great. Love the engraved shank beautiful.

By DM on 07/27/2012

Product is too light and while aluminum is sturdy this did not meet my expectations for quality and durability

By Cowgal on 07/27/2012

Perfect! The magic system is amazing it can't collapse or jab the horse in the roof of the mouth! It does exactly what the description says it does. I love how it sits in the mouth and the little hook in the ring that the curb chain attaches sits the chain at a good angle so it won't dangle down and kick in with any movement of the shanks. A very good choice if you just want a jointed snaffle mouthpiece and great for the transition from the snaffle to a curb bit, my horse accepted it pretty much straight away within a few days she got used to the different action and it was back to work as usual!

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